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Theology and Science – are not these opposites?

Introduction by Andreas Losch

To begin with, the common belief that theology and science are contradictory to each other, like fire and water, is a myth. The historical development and discussion of the two disciplines, even in the case of Galileo and Darwin, is much more complex and therefore more exciting than this view suggests. 



Why Humanity needs biodiversity?

Editorial by Fabien Revol

What a weird title! In the context of the ecological crisis, a good approach would perhaps lead us to ask why biodiversity is so important… in itself? Why humanity would indeed need biodiversity is secondary to that second question and quite obvious: without biodiversity, human life is not possible on Earth, nor is any life at all. The loss of biodiversity is indeed catastrophic for the sake of humanity according to its immediate needs, but one would miss the point of an ecological ethics integrating the human dignity in its reflection. So, let us then consider why biodiversity is required for a genuine human life, but deeper we may understand the true nature of biodiversity to better protect it. Eventually we can go further and see why biodiversity corresponds to a spiritual need of humanity.